Meet Our Board

Paul Thorns – Director and CEO

Master Paul Thorns has been actively engaged in the BDSM Community since 1998 and has been heavily involved with several Colorado organizations since moving to Colorado from Arizona in 2008.  Master Paul has been active with several organizations over the years, including The Arizona Power Exchange, Celebration of Power, National Leather Association- Colorado, The Colorado Mentors Program, and Masters And slaves Together–Denver.  

Paul is also the Founder and Director of the Marquis Lifestyle Center, an educational non-profit organization dedicated to developing communities through education.  Finally, Paul is the Founder and Co-Owner of Voodoo Leatherworks; the first commercial dungeon space to ever exist in Southern Colorado, which was founded in 2012.

Jennifer Thorn- Treasurer

Jennifer discovered BDSM in 2011 and embraced both the lifestyle and the community immediately; she has been actively involved in both since shortly after her introduction to BDSM.  Jennifer Thorn uses her vanilla skill set to provide service to her community.  She has been serving as the Chief Financial Officer for Voodoo Leatherworks LLC in Colorado Springs, CO since it opened in 2012, and is currently serving as the Treasurer of the board for the Marquis Lifestyle Center, a 501c3 non-profit based in Colorado Springs.  Previously, she served as the chief accountant for the Colorado Springs-based pan-sexual Leather group Celebration of Power LLC.  Jennifer has been a teacher, whether providing small group lessons in her home or in the public education system, for close to 30 years and has assisted in the presentation of several classes, demonstrations and panel discussions over the last few years.  In addition to being a member and volunteer at Voodoo Leatherworks, Jennifer Thorn regularly attends and supports events in Colorado such as Thunder in the Mountains and the Exile Fetish Ball.  Jennifer is slave to Master Thorns, a member of the House of Thorns, and is looking forward to earning the last  letter of her Master’s name.

Xiaoyi Drake – Community Ambassador

Xiaoyi has a BA in Chinese Culture and Lore where she learned how to make the foreign accessible to people and how to explain cultural differences in ways that people from different backgrounds can understand them.  She owns and runs multiple small businesses after resigning from 20+ years working in business administration.

Xiaoyi’s mission is to help create understanding and acceptance among people for each to learn and grow and be as they are. She works to do this through education and demystification.  She is a lifestyle coach and mentor who openly shares of her journey in hopes that she might help others who face similar challenges.

Xiaoyi is the Southwest Bootblack 2016, which is a title within the Leather community that focuses on teaching and skill sharing.  She teaches about consensual slavery, bootblacking, BDSM, LGBTQA+, relationships, poly, goal achievement, self-improvement and many other topics.  

Xiaoyi is a member in good standing of multiple local Master And slaves Together(sic) groups,  the Director of Operations for Colorado Leather Fest, the the Community Ambassador for Marquis Lifestyle Center, a Member of the Voodoo Leadership Committee and has served as the Metro-Denver Regional Director for Colorado Center for Alternative Lifestyles, as well as the co-presenting the Denver Shibari Jams for 6 years.  

Xiaoyi’s favorite color is rainbow and her favorite flower is tulips.   She has a wry sense of humor and red hair.  She is married and lives with her husband and cats in Colorado Springs.  

Her Kink Bio:

xiaoyi was introduced to this lifestyle at a Halloween party in 2010 and dove straight for the deep end.  She identifies as a slaveheart and bootblack. She teaches about consensual slavery, bootblacking, BDSM, relationships, poly and many other topics.  She is poly-play and omni-sensual.  She has the honor of being the Southwest Bootblack 2016. She loves Leather, leather, costuming, pain and protocols. She flags orange and Leather Worship. She identifies as a slave who tops too.  

Superhorse – Secretary

In 2013, Superhorse entered the BDSM community by becoming a member of Voodoo Leatherworks, joining its leadership council in 2016. Superhorse went on to become Mr. Leather Colorado 2017, organizing and attending community events, classes, and fundraisers during his title year and beyond. He has presented on BDSM at classrooms, conventions, and panels across the midwest.

Superhorse serves as Secretary of the Marquis Lifestyle Center because he wears his identity on his sleeve, and wants to create a world in which everyone who shares his lifestyle is safe and comfortable in doing the same.

Superhorse is also a game designer and brand guru, hitting things in dungeons over at